Learning English

Procrastination – Vocabulary and Discussion Lesson

 Watch  a short video introducing the key vocabulary. Take notes!

Watch the video below twice.

  1. Just watch and enjoy it.
  2. Watch and do the listening task below.
  3. Look up new words in a dictionary.

Gap fill

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For and Since – Present perfect and Past simple

There’s one mistake that students of English keep repeating that’s connected with the use of two most confusing tenses – Present Perfect and Past Simple.

Take a look at these statements.

I’ve worked here for 3 years.
I worked there for 3 years.

Do you know why we use “I’ve worked” in the first sentence, and “I worked” in the second?Read the rest

Reading club – George Orwell “1984″


Dear English Learners,

I’d like to create a group of enthusiastic readers, those who would like to read in the original and discuss English books (B2, C1 English level).

The first reading challenge is all time classic – George Orwell “1984”.

If you haven’t read it, it may be the right time:)

As a group we can motivate, help and support each other on the way of reading one of the most thought-provoking books of the XXth century.Read the rest

Learn English with Short Videos

   I believe we’re all learning languages for the purpose of communication. Successful communication is possible if you’re able to express yourself (speaking skills) and understand the others (listening skills).

   Whereas many would agree that developing speaking skills might be the most challenging task when learning a foreign language, it seems the difficulty of acquiring the ability to understand natives is underestimated.Read the rest

Past Modals – Video Tutorial – Quiz




Practice the use of Past Modals

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You can learn anything (Listening task)

Have you heard of Khan Academy?

It’s an amazing organisation that stands for free high quality education in all the world. You can study math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics absolutely free on their professional online courses. 

I’d like to share an inspiring video from the Khan Academy and use it as a listening task.Read the rest

TV series for learning English – a waste of time?

Are you one of the awesome English learners who watch TV-series to improve their skills? Then you already know how much you benefit from this simple activity.

  • you get exposed to real, authentic pronunciation and words usage
  • you train your listening skills
  • you have fun and study at the same time




Ask yourself

  • how much of the episode do you understand by listening only? 
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8 graded books for upper-intermediate and advanced level

In one of the previous posts I recommended 8 graded books for pre-intermediate and intermediate levels. Now it’s time to give out more of the books I consider really worth reading. All the books are accompanied by audio, which makes it a perfect combination for developoing reading and listening skills.Read the rest

The sound of Present Perfect

Present Perfect is one of my favourite grammar points, because it presents the biggest challenge for my students and me. I always have to think of new ways to show how it works and how it is an always present part of oral and written speech.

Once you’ve come to grips with the form and typical uses, it’s important to become aware of this tense when you hear it.Read the rest

8 must-see British series

pride and prejudice - esl1. Pride and Prejudice 

This film is undoubtedly all time classics. Based on a gorgeous book, it leads you into the world of XIXth century England. The time, when upper-class men and women were trapped in the conventions of their society.

This adaptation is a hymn to the beauty of the English language.… Read the rest