Memory – ESL interactive lesson – Flipped classroom

Memory is a fascinating thing that makes us who we are. It plays a crucial part in our lives in general, and in your life as an English learner in particular.

How good is your memory? Do you think that excellent memory is innate or is it learned?

You will find a brilliant talk on that subject below.

1. Before you watch it, take a look at the mindmap below that covers basic vocabulary around the word “memory”.

What other words can you add to it?



2. Watch the talk at least twice and be ready to discuss the questions embedded in the video. 

 Please watch it in Google Chrome Browser.



3. Do you think it is still important  to train our memory in the digital age when any information we need is at our fingertips (namely Google)?

Study the inforgraphics below and prepare a short speech expressing your opinion on the following statement

“Modern technology does more harm than good to our memory”.


Google and Your Memory



4. Do google research on how to improve our memory and write your advice on the wall below. Just click anywhere on the wall and write!

5. How do you feel about sci-fi movies? 

I realized that I’ve seen some fantasctic films about memory manipulation. If you’re into science fiction, here is a list to choose from for your Saturday evening.