Google Hangouts Instructions

Here is what you need to do to start using Google Hangouts

1. Create a Google Gmail account.
You must have Google Plus (or Google+) account to participate on a Google Hangout.
To register for a Gmail account visit

2. Create a Google+ account.
Everyone who has a Gmail [email] account has Google+; however, you may have to upgrade your Gmail account if you have never logged into your Google+ screen. Visit and sign-up using your Gmail account and/or upgrade if necessary.

3. Install the Google Video plugin.
Do that by visiting this link:
(Process varies by operating system. Find installation help here.)

To Get Started:
4. Before the class

I will send you an invitation to join the hangout 20 minutes before the class.

Things to check out before you join

1. Your internet connection must be excellent.

2. You should have a video camera.

3. You should wear headphones.