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We all know that when it comes to learning a foreign language, the biggest question we face is how to learn new words, or to be more precise, how not to forget them. It’s been scientifically proven that we forget 80% of new information within 24 hours. Hermann Ebbinghaus was the first to study the process of forgetting and he introduced “the forgetting curve”.

forgetting curve


The obvious way to avoid such a drastic information loss is properly-timed revision. By regular revision we slow down the forgetting process and we are able to keep almost 100% of the information.



It can be a bit of a drag to calculate and schedule the revision time by ourselves, but luckily all the math is done by one of the best learning tools – Memrise.

I personally find it the quickest and the most engaging way to enrich your vocabulary. The three principles, the software is built on, make it possible for the new words stick in your memory.

1) First of all, you learn words by creating associations with pictures, other words or funny stories. It helps to connect the new knowledge with what we already know speeding up the memorization process and making it more likely to remember the words later.


memrise mems


2) Secondly, the newly learnt information is constantly tested giving your memory another boost.


memrise tests

3) And finally, and probably most importantly, the programme schedules regular reminders for you to review the vocabulary. 


I must admit that I got addicted to Memrise. I use it every single day to boost my Spanish, Italian and French vocabulary. I have a great feeling that my brain is always alert and ready to grasp new information. I learn about 20 words a day, and it has never been easier and more fun.

How to start

Join Memrise

Come to the page “Courses”. Choose your native language, select the target language and take a look at the selection of courses created by other users. The database is big enough, and most likely you’ll find something that suits your needs. However, if not, you can create your own course, adding the words you need to learn.


memrise language


What makes the learning really addictive is competition. On the leaderboard you’ll see the ranking of the people taking the course, and trust me, you’ve got to be number one!


memrise leaderboard


It goes without saying that Memrise is available on the Apple store and the Android market.




Since most of my students are russian speakers learning English, I’d like to recommend a couple of courses for them.

If you start using Memrise, I’d be happy to hear about your impressions and progress.

Happy learning!