Interview with Daniela Maizner – Polyglot Talks

I’ve always found learning foreign languages a source of fascination. To even a bigger extent I’m amazed by people who reached fluency in 5 and more languages. Meeting and speaking to polyglots is really inspiring for me. I’m convinced we can learn a lot from them and improve the way we learn.


I’ve decided to hold a series of interviews with polyglots who blog about their language journey. My first guest is Daniela from “I simply love languages” She’s from Austria, she speaks 9 languages. She’s a german teacher and a freelance translator.



In the interview we discuss

  • motivation for studying languages
  • useful online tools
  • CPE preparation
  • maintaining your languages level
  • blogging



Interview with Daniela Maizner - Download This Episode


I’ve asked Daniela a couple of questions in Russian. Here is the russian part of the interview.


Russian part of the Interview - Download This Episode


Links to the resources mentioned the interview:





Read On

I’d like to recommend some of Daniela’s posts that I particulaly find useful for learning English.

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