Interview with Lindsay – Polyglot Talks

I love reading blogs. Not just any blogs though. The ones where you can see an amazing personality in between the lines. These blogs are not just a source of cool tips and relevant updates in the area, they are also a place for inspiration and communication with interesting people.

Today my guest is one of the most original language bloggers, Lindsay Dow. She runs a fantastic blog with the name that speaks for itself “Lindsay does languages” 

In the interview we talk about

– the origin of Lindsay’s passion for all things language

– what it takes to turn your hobby into a business

– favourite ways to learn foreign languages

– Lindsay’s new course for English learners “Mastering English Phrasal verbs through story

 – and cool tools for language teachers


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The best of “Lindsay does languages” – My personal favourites

1. 14 Essential Language Teaching Tools – What’s in my bag?
2. Youtube video series called “9 reasons to learn ….” Lindsay’s got amazing inspirational videos about Spanish, Polish, Hebrew and many other languages”

3. A perfect course to check learning phrasal verbs out of your to-do lists Mastering English Phrasal verbs through story

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Happy learning!