Interview with Maureen Millward – Polyglot Talks

Being a polyglot is not only about speaking several languages, it’s a lifestyle driven by desire to explore various ways to express ourselves, to think and to be. Totally agree with one of my favourite quotes!






Today my guest is an avid language learner from Scotland, Maureen Millward. She’s embarked on a new language learning journey 12 times! 

In the interview we talk about

  • self-study vs courses
  • Gaelic language, its past and present
  • Add1 Challenge project
  • the Polyglot Gathering

Note: Unfortunately, the audio quality during the Skype call was not very good. I’ve tried to clean the sound, but it didn’t come out perfectly.


Interview with Maureen Millward - Polyglot Talks - Download This Episode


Resources mentioned in the interview

Mareen’s Gaelic language learning journey and the trip to the Isle of Lewis


Polyglot Gathering


Over to you

Do you think that blogging about your learning experience can help speed up your progress? How important is it for you to be in a study-group, to get support from like-minded people?