Lifelong Learning. Interview with Ksenia from “Multilingua Blog”

It’s been a while since I had the courage to contact interesting bloggers and invited them to have a chat with me.

However, I coundn’t miss the opportunity to meet a woman whose blog I’ve been following for more than 5 years.

She’s incredibly passionate about languages, speaks 5 of them, and regularly blogs about her findings and discoveries on Multilingua Blog.


In the interview we talk about

  • favourite ways to master a language
  • the importance of a teacher in the learning process
  • memorizing new words
  • blogging
  • creating subtitles for favourite series

PS The last part of the chat is in Spanish:)


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I’ve also asked Ksenia to share her favoutire resourses to study English, Spanish and French


She’s definitely chosen best of the best for English (that’s why well known resourses)

Luke’s English podcast


British Council



The best website for russian speaking spanish beginners –


Watch spanish series here


And a very unusual website with really cool linguistic games  –


French resourses for beginners

Podcast for A2

Short videos 

Podcast  Coffee Break French