Procrastination – Vocabulary and Discussion Lesson

 Watch  a short video introducing the key vocabulary. Take notes!

Watch the video below twice.

  1. Just watch and enjoy it.
  2. Watch and do the listening task below.
  3. Look up new words in a dictionary.

Gap fill




Read the recommendations to beat procrastination and make notes of

  • things you already do
  • things you’d like to do
  • things you don’t think are useful


15 Ways to Beat Procrastination


1. Do you ever procrastinate? What things do you usually put off doing?

2. What things usually distract you from getting down to work?

3. Do you estimate how much time it takes to complete a task? Do you think it’s a good idea?

4. Are you good at prioritizing?

5. Are you a fan of to-do lists?

  How-to-eat-elephant6. In what way do you think this image is connected with planning your work?

7. They say, imagination is the enemy of motivation. How far do you agree with that?

8. Do you reward yourself for completing your tasks? How?


Write a letter to yourself 5 or 10 years ago

– share what you know now about the dangers of procrastination
– tell about a time when you found it difficult to focus and get things done
– give yourself tips on how to overcome the reluctance to do your work on time

Extra Listening (B2/C1)