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I can tell about my experience of studying English. I have quite a negative trait of my character - I don't like doing boring things. I can't motivate myself. English used to be difficult for me. Unfortunately, I didn't study it at school, I started learning it on the courses. I did a lot of grammar exercises very well, but speaking English was for me like undressing in the middle of the crowd. It was shameful, terrible and I wanted that somebody could do it instead of me. But I needed to know English for work and for travel. So I came to the idea of Skype-lessons and found Anna. During the first lessons I sweated, blushed and mumbled because I was nervous and afraid. But it was interesting! It was like talking to an old friend who knows only English. We talked about interesting topics, society and politics, books and films. We did some exerсises, but it was not boring. There was something new and interesting each lesson. Now I can't tell that I speak English fluently. Unfortunately, I don't have assiduity, enough motivation and free time. But nevertheless I definitely understand English much better, I can watch films and read books in English. I am not afraid to speak English with native speakers. Moreover, during my trips abroad I translate our tour guides to my husband. I know that it is Anna's merit!

Irina    February 7, 2014    Moscow   
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Anna is a very creative teacher, and our English lessons are always very interesting, they are never boring and full-valued.
Frankly, I wanted to study English because of a professional necessity but now it has become my hobby and i enjoy my English Lessons very much. I would recommend Anna to everyone who wants to learn English seriously and at the same time have a lot of fun.

Luba    January 30, 2014    Israel    Website   
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I had wanted to improve my English level for quite a while, but in the modern world there is never enough time, and then I decided to learn English via Skype.
Anna has conquered me!
Intelligent attitude, soft style of training, variety of exercises, interest and personal approach for the student - all of this made our lessons enjoyable and interesting.

I recommend to everyone who wants to start studying English!

Anna Usanova    December 9, 2015    Moscow   
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Hello! I enjoy every lesson with Anna because it's always fun, interesting, instructive. She knows what she is doing and does it very well! Anna has a natural ability in teaching. I have a pleasure of knowing her!

Ludmila Stupen    January 29, 2014    Moscow   

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