The one thing you need to do to improve your English in the New Year

So you started learning English (or any other language), because you need it for your career, self-development, travelling… You name it.

You managed to squeeze in two or three English classes a week into your schedule, you may even occasionally find some time for self-study. Some time ago you put an audio course on your player, didn’t you? Are you still listening to it?

Do you feel confident using the language? How would you access your progress on a scale from 1 to 10?

If your answer is less than 6, read on.


If you’ve been studying English for some time now, you must realize that a language is like an ocean. There is an enormous amount of things to it. It’s wide and deep, it’s got enough for a lifetime.

By now you should also know that to achieve fluency you need to narrow the language down a bit. What it means is that you should study the language you need for your particular purpose. Now you may be thinking “I need English for my job. That’s specific enough”.

No, it’s not. What area are you working in (HR, accounting, marketing)? What tasks do you need to be able to accomplish in English (email, telephoning, negotiations, presentations)?

Now, ask yourself. “Does everything I do to study English help me use it in my area and in my business tasks?”

Yes? You’re on the right way! No? Think of what you can change.


Whatever your goal is, go ahead and analyze if the way you’re studying English is helping you achieve it.

That was the first step. See if your English studies match your goals.

If you have very little progress, but you’ve been doing your best, it can mean only one thing – wrong attitude.

The truth is….

Studying English is not a two times per week hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

Surely, by saying “lifestyle” I don’t mean studying 24/7. 🙂

It’s not 3, not 2, not 1 hour per day.

It’s a maximum possible integration of English into your life!

Now think about your daily routine?

What wakes you up? What plays in the background when you have breakfast, when you drive to work, when you go for a run, you work out in the gym?

How do you spend your free time? TV? Internet? Books?

What’s your passion?

See what’s I’m driving at?

If your background is radio, let it be English radio, if it’s talks, podcasts, audiobooks, let them be English.

Are you fond of watching sport? Watch it in English. Cooking? Read and cook in English?

Whatever your passion is, turn it into your English passion.

Don’t listen to audio courses, it’s the same old studying. If you can understand this article, it means you are ready to make your world English.

What about speaking? I’ll tell you a lot about it a bit later, but
here’s a thought for you.
Make a bet with your friend, spouse, child, that you’ll speak only English. First only 15 minutes, then 30 and so on
Here’s another.

If you find yourself thinking about your plans, problems, experiences  – try and think about them in English. Speak English to yourself in your head 🙂

You have to make an effort at first, but it may become a nice habit.

Let me sum up, what you can do now to quickly fasten your progress.

  1. Make sure your English goal and your current English studies match
  2. Make a list of things you love doing and a list of things going in the background of your life
  3. Tell yourself that from now on all of this will be in English.
  4. Find one of the things you love online, on TV, radio, store, facebook …..
  5. Tell your friends, colleagues, nearest and dearest about your decision.


I would be happy to hear about your English learning story. What do you think about living the language, rather than studying it?