TV series for learning English – a waste of time?

Are you one of the awesome English learners who watch TV-series to improve their skills? Then you already know how much you benefit from this simple activity.

  • you get exposed to real, authentic pronunciation and words usage
  • you train your listening skills
  • you have fun and study at the same time




Ask yourself

  • how much of the episode do you understand by listening only? 
  • how much do the pictures help you?
  • can you retell any of the dialogs or jokes?
  • how many new words have you learnt?
  • did you really get that joke that obviously had to be funny?

While watching TV-series is definitely beneficial for learning  a foreign language, it is quite a passive activity. It is more about extensive rather than intensive listening.

I’ve decided to try the other side of the coin and created a number of activities to turn watching series into more active learning.

Below you’ll find a presentation with 10 different tasks for the first episode. Let me know what you think.


Friends s01e01 – It All Began (Pilot) from felipires on Vimeo.



 Download the file

Here is one more lesson for episode 4.



 Download the file