What do you know about persuasion?

Do you know the word “PERSUASION”?   I must admit, it’s one of my favourite words.

It means “the process of making somebody do what you want or agree with you”. (убеждение)

Ex: We achieve much more by persuasion than by brute force.

The verb is “to persuade”.

 Ex: Nobody could persuade her to change hermind.

You are going to watch a talk called “The science of persuasion”, where the speaker is going to discuss 6 most effective ways of persuasion.

Before watching

1. Brainstorm your ideas on the topic. You are welcome to share them in the comments.

2. Make sure you understand these words

to influence smb. – to affect the way that someone thinks or behaves

or to affect the way that something happens (влиять)
What factors influenced your decision to take the job?

Pay attention! It influenced my decision. Not! It influenced on my decision.

a request – an act of asking for something in a polite or formal way (просьба, требование)

a shortcut – a path or route that is quicker and shorter than the usual way

reciprocity – the act of  doing the same thing for someone 

that they have done for you (взаимность)

scarcity – a situation in which the supply of something is not enough for the people 

who want it or need it (недостаток, нехватка)

consistency –  the ability to remain the same in behaviourattitudes

or qualities (последовательность)


Think about it

1. Is there anything that surprised you?

2. Have you used any of these technics to persuade people? Consciously or unconsciously?

3. Think about examples from your experience about each point of the talk.

4. Is there anything you disagree with?

5. Is there a shortcut you know that wasn’t mentioned?


I welcome you to share your ideas and opinion in the comments!

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