3 Ideas For Teaching English With Technology

That wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that technology has changed my work and lifestyle. It has dramatically expanded my horizons and it has helped me to become much more efficient. At the same time it has eased my work and has made it more creative and varied.

     That’s exactly what I would like technology to do for ESL students – make the process of learning a language much more enjoyable and efficient. That’s what I keep in mind when I plan the next lesson and create new materials.

     Luckily when it comes to foreign language learning and teaching it’s not the technology that is in the forefront, but the people who let the magic happen.

     Recently I’ve been trying out a number of tools for creating lesson materials. Naturally, the key factor for me is how well my lesson suits the needs, level and preferences of my students. Most of my students are adults who are highly motivated to study the language and to spend a significant amount of time for self-study. Therefore flipped classroom model is my cup of tea.

      I’ve discovered a number of various web tools thanks to educational Technology website and to Emma Segev post.

     At the moment I have three personal favourites that have worked best for my classes.


1. EduCanon


I often assign watching talks and speeches to my students. EduCanon makes it possible to embed questions and comments directly into the video. I was really excited to be able to have more control over what information and words the learners pay attention to.

 Here is an example of how it works. It comes from a complete lesson plan based on the topic of Memory.



2. Sparkol Videoscribe


In my opinion, the one thing that distinguishes a fantastic web tool from a mediocre one is how visually appealing it is. Most of us have visual learning style, so visual stimulus is one of the most effective.

Sparkol is a wonderful tool for creating tutorials. It illustrates your explanations and helps present any information in a fun and engaging way.


Here is my short tutorial on Past Modals.


3. Canva


Canva lets you create gorgeous posters, blog graphics, presentations and flyers. It’s intuitively easy to use and it’s FREE.

Here is a poster I made in 15 minutes. It served as review of all the phrasal verbs with the particle “up” that we studied during a certain period.


Phrasal verbs with UP



If you have any comments or questions, please post them. I’d be happy to hear what you think.