Ain’t got no – Nina Simone – English with songs

For English Learners

A great way to improve your listening skills is to listen to english songs very attentively and try to understand as much as possible. Another way is to do a gap-fill exercise!


I ain’t got no home, ain’t got no shoes
Ain’t got no money, ain’t got no class
Ain’t got no skirts, ain’t got no sweater
Ain’t got no perfume, ain’t got no bed
Ain’t got no mind

Ain’t got no mother, ain’t got no culture
Ain’t got no friends, ain’t got no schooling
Ain’t got no love, ain’t got no name
Ain’t got no ticket, ain’t got no token
Ain’t got no God

Then what have I got
Why am I alive anyway?
Yeah, what have I got
Nobody can take away

Got my hair, got my head
Got my brains, got my ears
Got my eyes, got my nose
Got my mouth, I got my smile

I got my tongue, got my chin
Got my neck, got my boobs
Got my heart, got my soul
Got my back, I got my sex

I got my arms, got my hands
Got my fingers, got my legs
Got my feet, got my toes
Got my liver, got my blood

I’ve got life
I’ve got my freedom
I’ve got life

I’ve got life
And I’m gonna keep it
I’ve got life
And nobody’s gonna take it away


For English Teachers

That’s how I use this song in my classes.

1. Study or review the names of body parts (slide 2)

2. Make sure the students know what it means “Ain’t got no”

3. Listen to the song without lyrics and answer some questions (slide 3)

4. Do the gap-fill exercises slide by slide

5. Talk about the message of the song


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