Battlefield – Lea Michelle – Activities for English Learners

This week I’ve fallen in love! I can’t help but sharing with you this wonderful music hoping that it will also touch your heart.


It’s called “Battlefield”. Does it make sense? Battle + Field.


It definetely sounds like a song about a war. And yes it is about it.
Here’s some war vocabulary that you might find useful to know before you listen.

put down a gun – сложить оружие

armed/unarmed – вооруженный/ безоружный

spill the blood – проливать кровь

put the fire out – потужить пожар

Enjoy! Those of you who’d like to train listening skills are welcome to do the test below.




 Can you find 5 phrasal verbs used in this song?   If you do, write them in the comments!


My translation into Russian