How to Learn Languages

Ментальные карты для изучения иностранного языка и не только

Недавно я начала активно использовать ментальные карты в моих занятиях языками. Меня удивил этот способ своей близостью тому, как мы в принципе думаем. Мы же не мыслим линейно (я нет:), а вести записи нас всегда учили именно так, сверху вниз и по полочкам.

Теперь у меня нет языковой тетрадки, зато есть языковой альбом!… Read the rest

6 Fun Ways to Practice Speaking


I bet you’ve heard about Couchsurfing. Just in case you haven’t, it’s an amazing community of travelers who allow other travelers stay at their place for a couple of nights for free. As a tourist you’ve got a wonderful opportunity to experience a local culture firsthand, get to know local people, their habits and way of life, as well as travel cheaply.Read the rest

How to learn new words – Memrise

We all know that when it comes to learning a foreign language, the biggest question we face is how to learn new words, or to be more precise, how not to forget them. It’s been scientifically proven that we forget 80% of new information within 24 hours. Hermann Ebbinghaus was the first to study the process of forgetting and he introduced “the forgetting curve”.Read the rest

How to memorise new words

In this video I share my way to memorise new foreign language words and I show how to use flashcards Quizlet.… Read the rest

Google Hangouts Instructions

Here is what you need to do to start using Google Hangouts

1. Create a Google Gmail account.
You must have Google Plus (or Google+) account to participate on a Google Hangout.
To register for a Gmail account visit

2. Create a Google+ account.
Everyone who has a Gmail [email] account has Google+; however, you may have to upgrade your Gmail account if you have never logged into your Google+ screen.… Read the rest