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The one thing you need to do to push up your English in the New Year

So you started learning English (or any other language), because you need it for your career, self-development, travelling… You name it. You managed to squeeze in two or three English classes a week into your schedule, you may even occasionally find some time for self-study. Some time ago you put an audio course on your player, didn’t you? Are you still listening to it? Do you feel confident using the language? How would you access your progress on a scale from 1 to 10? If your answer Read more [...]

Why you should know your favourite songs by heart!

Do you remember when you first started learning English (or any other foreign language)? Was it at school? At home? Your first time abroad? Were you excited or frustrated? What kept you motivated? Or did quit and give up?   I would be very interested to read your story. You’re welcome to go ahead and share it in the comments!   Mine started back in the 90s in post-soviet Russia when more and more people got an opportunity to study English at school. The thing is that in Read more [...]

How to memorise new words

In this video I share my way to memorise new foreign language words and I show how to use flashcards Quizlet.

4 things you need to know about listening skills

The question I get asked most of the time is how to improve listening skills. About 70% of my students say that the biggest challenge about learning English is to understand what other people say, especially native speakers in a real life situation. I believe that there are 4 main reasons for comprehension difficulties. Wrong pronunciation Concentration on details Lack of vocabulary Lack of practice   1. It is often the case that English learners remember a wrong pronunciation Read more [...]

Google Hangouts Instructions

Here is what you need to do to start using Google Hangouts 1. Create a Google Gmail account. You must have Google Plus (or Google+) account to participate on a Google Hangout. To register for a Gmail account visit https://accounts.google.com/SignUp? 2. Create a Google+ account. Everyone who has a Gmail [email] account has Google+; however, you may have to upgrade your Gmail account if you have never logged into your Google+ screen. Visit https://plus.google.com/ and sign-up using your Gmail Read more [...]