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Lifelong Learning. Interview with Ksenia from “Multilingua Blog”

It’s been a while since I had the courage to contact interesting bloggers and invited them to have a chat with me.

However, I coundn’t miss the opportunity to meet a woman whose blog I’ve been following for more than 5 years.

She’s incredibly passionate about languages, speaks 5 of them, and regularly blogs about her findings and discoveries on Multilingua Blog.… Read the rest

Career as an interpreter – Polyglot Talks Podcast

Today we get a behind the scenes look at the work of a beginning interpreter and translator. I’ve spoken to a last year student of the Interpretation department, Alexandra. In spite of being so young, she’s already got valuable experience working as an English – Russian interpreter during political official meetings, as well as Chinese-Russian translator.… Read the rest

Interview with Lindsay – Polyglot Talks

I love reading blogs. Not just any blogs though. The ones where you can see an amazing personality in between the lines. These blogs are not just a source of cool tips and relevant updates in the area, they are also a place for inspiration and communication with interesting people.

Today my guest is one of the most original language bloggers, Lindsay Dow.Read the rest

Interview with Evgenia Kashaeva – Polyglot Talks

Wouldn’t you agree that everything in our world is about people? Do you remember that brilliant performer Barbara Streisand singing “people who need people are the luckiest people in the world”?

When it comes to a language, people are essential. Your encounters may either discourage you or lift you high.Read the rest

Interview with Siskia Lagomarsino – Polyglot Talks

This week I was happy to have spoken to a very experienced and committed language learner from Mexico. Her name is Siskia Lagomarsino, she’s a avid blogger and a Japanese teacher.

In the interview we talk about

  • being raised bilingual
  • language learning successes and failures
  • ways to reach fluency
  • the advantages of blogging
  • and much more


Interview with Siskia Lagomarsino - Polyglot Talks - Download This Episode


Read on

My favourite Siskia’s articles

How I learnt Japanese

Motivational sabotage

The 7 types of language learners


Over to you

What language have you started learning and why?Read the rest

Interview with Maureen Millward – Polyglot Talks

Being a polyglot is not only about speaking several languages, it’s a lifestyle driven by desire to explore various ways to express ourselves, to think and to be. Totally agree with one of my favourite quotes!






Today my guest is an avid language learner from Scotland, Maureen Millward.Read the rest

Interview with Bartosz Czekala – Polyglot Talks

Welcome to the second episode in the series of interviews with Polyglots. Today I have a very interesting guest from Poland, Bartosz Czekala, who speaks 9 foreign languages. What’s surprising is his reason to study the languages, that is to put his memory capacities to test and see how mnemonic techniques can speed up foreign language acquisition. Read the rest

Interview with Daniela Maizner – Polyglot Talks

I’ve always found learning foreign languages a source of fascination. To even a bigger extent I’m amazed by people who reached fluency in 5 and more languages. Meeting and speaking to polyglots is really inspiring for me. I’m convinced we can learn a lot from them and improve the way we learn.Read the rest