via Google Hangouts

Group lessons

Do you think that studying one to one is a bit boring?

Are you looking for low-cost ways to study English online?

The solution is studying in a group!

Online classes are held in groups up to 7 people in Google hangouts.


  • You get to communicate with other English learners
  • You learn to listen and learn from mistakes of others
  • You learn to interact with different people in English
  • You can watch the lesson recording
  • Affordable price


  • You get less speaking time
  • If you miss a class, you lose it (but you get a class recording)
  • No flexible schedule

In groups I teach General English course. It  focuses on developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Normally students do reading, listening and writing tasks as home assignments, whereas in class we practice speaking, listening comprehension and grammar.

Taking part in the course requires from 30minutes to 1 hour per day to prepare for the lesson.

All course materials are free.

Preliminary schedule

  • Pre-Intermediate (Mon, Wed, Fr, 21.00 Moscow time GMT + 4:00)
  •  Intermediate (Tue, Thurs, 21.00 Moscow time GMT + 4:00)
  • Upper-Intermediate (Tue, Thurs, 20.00 Moscow time GMT + 4:00)

If you are interested in studying in a group, but the indicated time does not suit you, please write to me directly, including information about your level, time zone and suitable time for studying. It is possible to organize other studying groups, if there are enough people (minimum 3).

Learn more about the content of the course for different levels.