Money and Shopping ESL – Ka-Ching Shania Twain – English with Songs

I’ve wanted to create a presentation of the lesson plan based on the song “Ka-ching” for a while, since I often use it to add some more fun to the topic of shopping and money. It’s a good source of money  vocabulary, as well as ideas for discussion. 


That’s how I’d use it in class:

1. Brainstorm adjectives and verbs that collocate with the word “money”.  Teach some new words, if necessary. 


Money collocations

2. Tell the students that they’re going to listen to a song called “Ka-Ching”. Ask them to think what might be the connection between the word “ka-ching” and money. (Ka-ching is an imitation of the sound made by a cash register, used when someone’s action will result in money)
3. Make sure they are familiar with some of the words from the song (Slides 2 – 4)
4. Ask them to find the rhyming words (Slide 5)
5. Listen to the song and fill in the gaps (almost all the missing words are rhymes, so it should be quite easy to hear them and remember in case some of them are new to the learners)
6. Discuss the message of the song and then move to a general discussion about money and shopping (slide 10)

I hope you enjoyed the lesson. I’ll be happy to read your comments!